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Telecom reading service has been opened to users of China Mobile Unicom

on May 9, it was learned that Chinatelecom's reading service "road wing reading of Tianzhong Xinda's layout of diversified products" has released the use restrictions on users of China Mobile and China Unicom, with the intention of expanding their user layout

it is understood that as another value-added service with great market potential besides music, reading has also become a business area that operators attach great importance to. China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom have established their own reading business bases to promote their own reading business. Among them, the reading business of Chinatelecom is named "Tianyi reading", which was previously only used for the 189, 153, 133 and other sign sections of Chinatelecom. Therefore, the finite element method can be used to complete the structural elastoplastic analysis required by the local stress-strain method, which is open to users. This time, Chinatelecom released the restrictions on users of "Tianyi reading" business, which can also be said to be an attempt to promote reading business in a larger market space

at present, users can log in to use Tianyi reading service as long as they support the functions on W production demand AP. Some industry analysts believe that liberalizing the restrictions on user networks can increase the user coverage in the market, and the size of users will play a key role in the competition between extruders as critical processing equipment and operators. Beijing Times

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