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According to the news on October 31, as one of the first pilot independent operation bases of China's telecommunications products, Tianyi reading base strives to pursue de telecommunication and officially began its self financing market-oriented operation in July this year. It is understood that after the independent operation of the company, while deepening the product operation, the company will actively introduce external investment from next year, with the ultimate goal of going to IPO

According to Hua Kai, assistant general manager of Chinatelecom Tianyi reading base, the number of Tianyi reading users has increased from 2.5 million at the end of 2010 to more than 80million by the end of September this year. The number of users has increased 31 times, of which charging users account for about 10%, and the revenue is expected to reach 100million yuan this year

at the same time, the flourishing market system of Tianyi reading products has gradually formed, including graphic version and audio version, and related products are being launched at the rhythm of a small version in one month and a large version in three months. It is reported that at present, the scale of books on the platform is more than 200000, including books based on published content, original books, magazines and comics

in terms of sharing with content partners, 55:45 ratio is adopted, and about 45% of the revenue is given to the partners, with the highest share among the three major operators, Wang Lei, content director of Tianyi reading, stressed. By the end of September 2012, Tianyi reading had a total of 300 partners, including 240 graphic partners and 60 audio partners, covering publishing groups, publishers, private booksellers, Internet stations and copyright agencies

Tianyi reading culture company will be listed next month

as the third base to announce its independent operation, Tianyi reading has been pursuing de telecommunication, actively learning from Internet companies, and cooperating with its pull can clamp domestic mainstream browsers, door 3D system company to show projet MJP 5600 stations and other cooperation, so that users can contact Tianyi reading through multiple channels

it is understood that Chinatelecom group will inject 200million yuan into the reading base this year, and will officially announce the establishment of Tianyi Reading Culture Communication Co., Ltd. in late November to implement corporate operation. After corporatization, Tianyi reading has greater autonomy. There are good ideas for making Internet products that can be put into practice immediately. Under the premise of overall budget control, the base can respond to user needs as quickly as possible. Hua Kai said

it is also understood that at present, Tianyi reading is in the stage of investment, deepening the operation of products, and will actively introduce external capital from next year, hoping to achieve profitability in 2014. The development of SABIC PP 514m12 material is based on a technology that does not contain phthalates and has no odor

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