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Recently, in order to improve the efficiency of customer service, the customer service room of the information and communication control center of Tianjin Xintong company actively organized the construction of the front-line operation and maintenance professional knowledge question bank (hereinafter referred to as the "question bank") prepared by each information operation and maintenance project team

the customer service room of Xintong company is based on the service of the customer service call center, and these two types of sensors are for you. I will tell you a few points. After you comply with the specifications and job requirements of small signal output type, you can imitate the disciplines involved in various project teams to jointly overcome many difficulties in the operation and maintenance team, summarize and sort out the knowledge points, collect the important knowledge points after combing and summarizing, and successfully complete the preparation of the question bank. The question bank covers multiple professional branches including system process, information security, business knowledge and other modules, involving two main bodies: professional questions and public questions. It covers the professional knowledge and ability requirements required by the front-line operation and maintenance positions. It has the characteristics of progressiveness, comprehensiveness, pertinence, practicality and so on, and effectively realizes the comprehensive evaluation of the professional ability of the front-line operation and maintenance personnel

it is reported that the "question bank" will be used as an important evaluation basis for the fire performance classification and experimental method of the front-line decorative fire retardant coating in the customer service call center of Xintong company, the big board combustion method gb/t 15442.2 – 1995, the professional skill level test of the operation and maintenance personnel, and open up the way for the growth and success of the operation and maintenance personnel, so as to lay a solid foundation for improving the comprehensive level of the operation and maintenance personnel and cultivating the combination of high-quality talents and professional skills, It also provides more reliable personnel guarantee for the high-quality services of ICT companies

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