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Tektronix launched the industry's highest performance mixed signal oscilloscope

Beijing, China, October 13, 2009 - Tektronix, the world's leading provider of testing, measuring and monitoring instruments, recently announced the launch of MSO70000 series mixed signal oscilloscope, which is also the first high-performance integrated MSO Series in the industry. This series has up to 20 data acquisition channels (4 analog channels and 16 digital channels), providing analog bandwidth from 4GHz to 20 GHz and 80ps digital channel timing resolution. With the launch of MSO70000, Tektronix now has the most complete series of mixed signal oscilloscopes on the market - up to 17 different models, from the economical portable MSO2000 to the fastest mso72004 20GHz mixed signal oscilloscopes at present

mso70000 series combines the data of high-performance logic analyzer, which has high elongation signal viewing ability and timing function, as well as the simulation accuracy, detection and ease of use of high-performance real-time oscilloscope. This makes it an ideal debugging and inspection tool for high-speed design applications requiring 6mm thick circular film composition engraving, such as DDR memory, high-performance ASIC, FPGA, system on chip (SOC) devices and digital RF. In addition, MSO70000 provides a full range of detection accessories. A single probe can realize analog and digital connection with the equipment under test (DUT) at the same time, and minimize the probe access load, so as to maximize the signal fidelity

"with the improvement of bus speed and the complexity of types, the mixed signal oscilloscope (MSO) with faster speed is becoming more and more important. It is very important to check the digital characteristics of multiple buses with Gigabit rate while performing analog debugging above 4 GHz." Brian Reich, vice president of high-performance oscilloscope of Tektronix, said, "in the current challenging economic environment, a multi-functional solution like Tektronix MSO70000 provides unparalleled performance and versatility for customers to debug these increasingly complex systems."

m used to replace latex so has become the preferred tool for embedded system engineering design. Embedded design customers especially need to associate analog signals with digital signals. Now, embedded systems such as network switches and data servers are adopting faster technology and require higher performance MSO. Other application fields, such as high-speed serial and digital RF, increasingly require a comprehensive view of the system to understand bus competition and other timing related issues. With the launch of MSO70000 series, tech not only provides the most comprehensive MSO Series in the industry, but also provides the best analog/digital acquisition performance and the most widely used detection solutions among existing instrument manufacturers in the market

"the analog and digital comprehensive performance of Tektronix's latest MSO70000 provides a powerful solution for arria II GX and Stratix IV FPGA designers to help analyze the logic and high-speed IO in our devices." Dr. Mike Li, chief architect and outstanding engineer of Altera, said, "our 40 nm FPGAs provides customers with a variety of cutting-edge innovative technologies, such as high-speed integrated transceiver and memory interface. Through MSO70000, our customers can quickly, accurately and efficiently verify and evaluate the performance of the entire FPGA design on one instrument."

complete set of tools - an instrument

mso70000 high performance MSO family enhances the debugging function and provides a complete set of measurement functions in one instrument, which is an ideal choice to solve the analog problems of digital systems. The new instrument has achieved significant progress in three core areas, namely performance, signal access and insight

find problems in a few seconds - MSO70000 provides 4-20 GHz 4-channel analog bandwidth. Compared with the fastest integrated MSO in the current market, it increases the bandwidth by up to 5 times and the timing resolution by 6 times. It can more effectively view signals and find problems. It provides a record length of up to 250m points and an analog sampling rate of 50 gs/s and a digital sampling rate of 12.5 GS/s. This perfect performance means that engineers can capture long-time events with high sampling resolution and view high-speed analog and digital data in a time-dependent manner

capture events at the first time - in order to make MSO play its real value, customers need reliable and convenient access capabilities, so as to capture the analog and digital signals they are concerned about at the same time. In addition, they also need the signal integrity of the whole system. In this regard, MSO70000 provides a complete set of new welding probe accessories, which can more easily connect tightly packed path and fine gap components to help collect digital control signals, such as DDR command bus. Tektronix DDR detection series tools now also include a new BGA interpolator suitable for all DDR3 and DDR2 Memory component types, which can access all signals with perfect fidelity. Supplemented by the innovative icaapture 8482, which can send selected digital signals to analog channels internally and conduct comprehensive analog evaluation; Technology, MSO70000 provides an ideal solution for highly sensitive fine gap circuit board wiring

quickly search the entire record - through the icaapture function, MSO70000 can view the analog characteristics of any connected digital channel, achieving unprecedented versatility and debugging insight in all 20 channels. MSO70000 series provides comprehensive trigger functions, including serial code type trigger, analog and digital mixed trigger, logic code type trigger and bus trigger. Designers can comprehensively use these trigger functions to isolate system problems that occur only in specific system states. MSO70000 series provides an extremely close timing synchronization ability between analog subsystem and digital subsystem, and the timing correlation is expected to reach 80ps, which greatly simplifies the process of determining the causes affecting the operation of the circuit

analyze devices and buses efficiently – more than 30 different analysis software packages can be run on MSO70000 series. Customers can choose the latest I2C and SPI indoor line analysis software that always prevents rats from entering the dense line, dpojet jitter and eye diagram analysis software, ddra DDR memory line inspection software, sdla equalization/channel simulation and analysis software, and signalvu frequency domain display and analysis software

supply condition

this series of oscilloscopes began ordering in October

about tech company

tech company is a leading provider of testing, measurement and monitoring products. It provides a variety of measurement solutions and services for the global communications, computer and semiconductor industries, as well as military/aerospace, consumer electronics, education and other industries. Tektronix has more than 60 years of experience to help users design, build, configure and manage the next generation of global communication networks, computing technology and advanced technology. Tektronix is headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, and has offices in 19 countries and regions around the world. The Chinese address of tech company is

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