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Telecommunications enterprises will be allowed to produce radio and television programs

telecommunications enterprises will be allowed to produce some radio and television program content. On January 13, the executive meeting of the State Council decided to accelerate the integration of telecommunications, radio and television and Internet. The meeting proposed that from 2010 to 2012, we should focus on the pilot of two-way entry of radio and television and telecommunications services, and clarify the business scope of telecommunications into radio and television. This is a major breakthrough, and IPTV will usher in major development opportunities

the executive meeting of the State Council defined the key work of promoting the three integration, One of them is "In accordance with the principle of easy before difficult, pilot first, and phase change materials will absorb or release a large amount of latent heat in the process of phase change, we will select areas with conditions to carry out two-way pilot. Qualified radio and television enterprises can operate value-added telecommunications services and some basic telecommunications services and interconnection services; qualified telecommunications enterprises can engage in the production, production and transmission of some radio and television programs. Radio and television enterprises and telecommunications enterprises are encouraged to strengthen cooperation." Cooperation, complementary advantages and common development. "

the recognition of telecom enterprises in the production and transmission of video programs is substantially beneficial to the development of IPTV. IPTV will get legal development opportunities in pilot areas. Ma Qiqi, an analyst at Zhongyuan securities, believes that IPTV, television and other businesses will benefit first. IPTV and TV will enter the stage of large-scale development after the disappearance of limitations such as the dispute over system and standards, and there is likely to be% rapid growth in the next year

in the current development of IPTV, there are Yunnan mode, Shanghai mode, Harbin mode, etc. It is understood that the number of IPTV users in Shanghai has reached 1million experimental discovery users. In just four years, after arduous development, Shanghai has grown into "the first city of IPTV in China". This is a successful attempt to develop IPTV through the cooperation between radio and television and telecommunications. Communication message

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