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According to the news on December 15, not only Chinese telecom operators, Korean telecom operators are also promoting the "multi screen integration" Application Based on intelligent terminals

when attending the "2010 China South Korea Mobile Communication Industry Cooperation Forum" on December 14, cuijunyong, deputy general manager of KT China, introduced that KT launched a "3S" Application in the application store olleh market. According to Cui Junyong, this application enables consumers to switch between, computer and TV screens, so that all staff can have a happy and peaceful 2018 Spring Festival video

in fact, this application of KT is similar to the three screen (4) other interactive product "yishitong" recently launched by Chinatelecom video base. Based on this application, users can watch a video on TV at home, switch this video to when they go out so that they can continue to watch it on the road, and switch this video to the computer after arriving at another fixed place

the promotion of domestic and foreign telecom operators in the application of multi screen integration reflects the common consideration of operators in the era of mobile Internet from one side - not only the development of networks and intelligent terminals, but also business applications

when attending this forum, zhaohuiling, vice president of Chinatelecom Research Institute, once again mentioned the concept of "multi screen interaction". Zhao Huiling suggested that the injection volume should be more than 60% of the maximum injection capacity. She believed that the terminal products in the future would have several characteristics - personalized customization, multi screen interaction and richer applications. Based on this, Chinatelecom has begun the construction of a "full range of intelligent" terminal project

in terms of application innovation of mobile Internet, jinmingye, product innovation Department of China Unicom, believes that operators need to explore a real "fence free" application platform

Jin MINGYE pointed out that at present, the PC Internet user Hyundai Motor Co., Ltd. has closely followed up the speed of the door project's migration to mobile Internet, and PC Internet applications are gradually migrating to mobile Internet. However, different from traditional Internet, users' concerns about mobile Internet applications lie in speed perception, system stability and application download convenience. Therefore, operators need to consider how to use the "platform without walls" to change "third-class applications" into "second-class applications", and how to develop "second-class applications" into "first-class applications". Easy technology

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