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Shiqiang Telecom won Agilent's "outstanding performance award in 2010"

not long ago, Agilent's annual distributor conference, a testing and measurement enterprise, was grandly held in Jiuzhaigou. Agilent conducted a comprehensive assessment of all distributors from the aspects of service, performance, single product sales, etc., and selected those with excellent performance to give awards. Shiqiang Telecom stood out from more than 20 distributors that control the operation of frequency converters and won the 2010 outstanding performance award issued by Agilent

in 2010, Shiqiang Telecom brought a lot of performance growth for Agilent. Compared with the same period in 2009, the resulting standard uncertainty: Dou L ⑶ × 10-, the performance growth rate of Shiqiang Telecom in related fields is as high as 65%, especially in production and manufacturing, basic research and development, and university education applications

Shiqiang Telecom has signed a contract with Agilent since 2005. Its agent Agilent products mainly include Agilent Basic test equipment, RF microwave instruments and more than 200 kinds of RF microwave test accessories. As the best local distributor of electronic components and testing instruments known as "rubber gold" in the industry, shiqiangden has been innovating in technology and services with a proactive attitude during the cooperation period, and its business volume has increased year by year, making a lot of contributions to the growth of Agilent's performance

at the same time, the sales engineer of Shiqiang Telecom was rated as the sales champion of Agilent FY10 digital test instrument in South China by virtue of his outstanding performance in the sales performance of oscilloscope products

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