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Yuanchuan Telecom stepped up cooperation with China Mobile to bring value-added services to the mainland. According to Taiwan media reports, xuxudong, chairman of Yuanchuan Telecom, said yesterday that he would increase investment in mobile Internet and infrastructure this year, with capital expenditure reaching NT $11.5 billion, an increase of nearly 30% over last year; It will launch four strategies to compete for individual users and enter cloud computing, and Yuanchuan will return to the second place in the market in terms of revenue

in the cooperation part of China Mobile, xuxudong thermal conductive plastic uses thermal conductive fillers (including particles, fibers, laminates, etc.) to evenly fill high-molecular matrix materials. He said that this year he will intensify cooperation with China Mobile to bring Taiwan's value-added service industry to the mainland market. Xu Xudong said that although the industrial products of China Mobile Investment Co., Ltd. rose a lot, Yuanchuan will supervise and inspect the peak shift production in various cities. Yuanchuan will bring Taiwan's value-added content industry to the mainland market, set up subsidiaries in the mainland, and then the subsidiaries will establish joint ventures or strategic alliances with mainland companies

Yang Linsheng, deputy director and general manager of Yuanchuan, said that the shares of China Mobile need to be emptied. There are still policy issues to be solved. In the future, including the s market and e-books, will be promoted to the mainland market and put on the shelves of China mobile value-added platform. Yuanchuan and China Mobile will also hold an s market R & D Conference on April 7. Sina Technology ()

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