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China Telecom Unicom may obtain the FDD test license as soon as next week

on June 25, 2014, in response to the 4G license issuance of FDD LTE, which is concerned by the industry, insiders revealed that the issuance time has certainly not been specified so far, but in fact, in the preparation work, it will be issued as soon as next week, and only to China Unicom and Chinatelecom. It is nonsense that the previously circulated China mobile application is expected to obtain the FDD LTE license

China Telecom Unicom has been fully prepared to obtain FDD licenses.

as of the evening of June 24, the three major operators have not conveyed any instructions or information on the issuance of FDD LTE licenses. Even though many middle and senior managers of the three major operators and heads of provincial companies have no accurate information on the issuance of FDD LTE licenses, however, insiders confirmed that the issuance of FDD LTE licenses is not far away, and the fastest time will be next week

in fact, Chinatelecom and China Unicom have long been ready. In terms of tariff, China Unicom has launched 3g/4g integrated package. According to insiders, Chinatelecom has long made 4G package plan and modified it several times

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in terms of terminals, 4G of China Unicom and Chinatelecom have actually been listed, and now 3G is on sale

517 reasons why telecom did not issue licenses on May 18

it is reported that the original FDD LTE license may have been issued on May 18, but it was not actually issued later. The reason may be that the relevant ministries and commissions responsible for issuing licenses have differences, mainly because they believe that the TD-LTE market is not as good as expected. In April before China's move, there were only 4.798 million 4G users

in fact, Chinatelecom and China Unicom have obtained TD-LTE licenses, but they have not actually launched TD-LTE on a large scale, because they are not optimistic about TD-LTE, and if TD-LTE is launched on a large scale, it will greatly increase the complexity of its 4G network and the cost of 4G, which will lose competitiveness

at present, TD-LTE is referred to as the 4G standard with intellectual property rights in China and is the supported object. However, Chinatelecom and China Unicom can't wait for the TD-LTE market to mature, because if the TD-LTE market is mature, it means that the market has been occupied by China Mobile

even if TD-LTE is not yet mature, it has caused major obstacles to the development of Chinatelecom and China Unicom. Taking may this year as an example, Chinatelecom's net increase of users in that month decreased by 950000, while China Mobile's 3g+4g users increased by tens of millions. Without FDD license plate speed accuracy (unit: in the case of the Provincial Department of economy and information technology and the Provincial Department of construction, Chinatelecom and China Unicom can no longer play, especially Chinatelecom. FDD technology and terminals are considered to be stronger than td-tle. Therefore, in the case of stable and reliable performance at 4 p.m. for several years, Chinatelecom and China Unicom insist on FDD licenses.

fdd licenses will only be issued to China Unicom

only China Telecom and China Unicom have the opportunity to obtain FDD LTE licenses this time , China Mobile has long been doomed to only operate TD-LTE, and it is impossible to obtain an FDD license. Therefore, it is impossible for China Mobile to deliberately apply for an FDD license without knowing the result. It was said that it is obviously impossible for China Mobile to apply for an FDD license, and it is impossible for China Mobile to deliberately hit a wall

the issuance of FDD licenses is the repeated aspiration of Chinatelecom and China Unicom. As early as at the general meeting of shareholders in March this year, Wang Xiaochu, chairman of Chinatelecom, said that Chinatelecom had submitted an application for 4G license of fdd-lte mode, and was currently communicating with the government, hoping to obtain the license as soon as possible. After obtaining the license, it would appropriately increase capital investment. This year's capital expenditure was 80billion yuan, half of which was used for 4G business

the latest voice comes from Lu Yimin, general manager of China Unicom. He said last weekend that at present, China Unicom continues to negotiate with the government on fdd-lte license, hoping that the sooner the better

this is mainly because 3G of Chinatelecom and China Unicom can't resist the 4G offensive of China Mobile. Chinatelecom has repeatedly claimed in the company's announcements that the net loss of Qi mobile users is mainly due to the introduction of LTE services and the strengthening of marketing promotion by competitors, which intensifies market competition

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