The hottest telecity opened a new one in Amsterdam

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Telecom opened and operated a new data center in Amsterdam

on November 5, before equini flat experiment X company acquired anisotropy and fracture failure, which is different from traditional materials, Telecom Group, the largest data center, hosted the acquisition transaction. If Telecom found that loose group opened its sixth data center ams6 data center in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

this new data center with an area of 6000 square meters (65000 square feet) will provide 9.6mw capacity for customers in important locations in Europe, whose demand exceeds that of other European regions. The data center adopts an efficient design, and Telecom Group promises that its pue value of energy efficiency will reach 1.2 At the same time, the company is waiting for the EU to announce the decision of Equinix to acquire Telecom Group on November 13

the data center adopts groundwater cooling

telecity group has replaced high-efficiency water chillers, which use Amsterdam groundwater for cooling and cool the data center through the groundwater stored in the aquifer

the new data center has a large number of connections, which can effectively arrange and reduce the required coupling points, and has faster carrier connection and better signal strength

all this makes the data center future oriented. Alexandra Suli, vice president of telecity group in Western Europe and general manager of the Netherlands, said CECS 22:90 wire that in view of its geographical location and good business environment, Amsterdam is one of the international connections of the world's core hubs. The opening of ams6's data center ensures that the Telecom Group can continue to support Amsterdam's dynamic digital economy and provide flexible data center capacity growth

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