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Recently, Shenou communication equipment Co., Ltd. successfully implemented the call center system project of Fujian Xiamen pinchengluo Technology Co., Ltd

the telecom grade call center system developed by the company with an independent export amount of 261112.2 million US dollars is an integrated information service system based on the company's mature integrated communication integration platform. The system has been implemented by coal mines nationwide; 276 working days system rdquo; It is a telecom grade call center system, which supports a large number of seats and has excellent scalability and high stability (MTBF 20 years). The system realizes the functions of customer information management, incoming call pop-up screen, call record management, recording management, voice navigation management, operator management, knowledge base management, real-time monitoring and so on, and can carry out corresponding report statistics and a series of scientific research, development and analysis

the launch of this system will greatly enhance the corporate image of pinchengluo Technology Co., Ltd., improve the work efficiency of employees and customer satisfaction, reduce the management cost and operation cost of the enterprise in many ways, optimize all links of the work chain, improve the overall efficiency, and reasonably arrange the allocation and number of employees in all links, reduce the use cost of personnel, so as to improve the market competitiveness of the enterprise

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