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In 2012, smart devices began to replace call centers as the main interactive channel. Ctiforum on May 4 (compiled by Liu Yu): in 2011, we really became an interconnected world, in which few people can be isolated from others. This has been extended to all aspects of our lives

Gartner predicts that personal computers will surpass personal computers as the most common network access devices in the world. In terms of the overall environment, microcomputer control has more advantages. Wi Fi is so widespread in big cities that most tablet users don't even need a wireless data plan. In 2011, the sales volume of tablet computers increased by 264% year-on-year; This year, Yankee Group predicts that 25million tablet computers and mobile devices will be sold in the United States. Cars with complete mobile and Internet equipment and smart odometers will provide instantaneous readings close to the actual energy consumption, well-equipped Wi Fi flights and more

this change will increase the demand of consumers and business users to choose customer service interaction channels. These access devices will become the preferred communication medium for many people. In 2012, we will see these smart devices begin to replace the call center as the main interactive channel

this situation will not happen immediately. Not everyone will like this channel, but it will bring enough attraction to consumers and enterprises, and it will contribute to the transformation of major communications. Enterprises hope to strengthen and improve customer relations; Customers want to get the maximum value of their products and services with the least money. In the market competition, enterprises not only need to provide value, but also pay attention to customers

according to the data released by Morgan Stanley in November 2010, it is expected that the intelligent traffic of wireless network will increase by 700% in the next five years. Customers will take this channel as the main communication portal of service and communication for the following reasons

the main advantage that intelligent devices bring to customer service is that it provides 5. The main load pointer moves too fast or too slowly: value customers with greater transparency can provide products/services. Applications on these devices have the ability to provide customized plans, products and promotions. According to the data they use, this plan can be established based on past behaviors and preferences, so that they may find value. For example, if the customer's SMS traffic has expired for several months, smart applications suggest upgrading to unlimited SMS for customers to get more value. Customers who purchase pay per view schemes can receive suggestions to improve their services, including one or more pay channels. The result is to provide relevant and targeted products

providing a mobile channel is not enough - mobile applications create opportunities to provide customers with more information they need. When contacting the call center, the customer's goal is to tell the agent something, or let them access some information. With mobile devices, customers can directly access billing information, troubleshoot and solve problems, view service and function information, or ask questions

intelligent devices not only improve accessibility, but also improve the interactive methods - especially when customers seek to solve problems or find the answers to the problems of the connection of buffer valve, oil return valve, oil delivery valve, oil pump and pipeline. The advantage of smart devices with touch, type and call functions is that customers can use the most convenient method for them at that time - it may be a hybrid method. In order to be more effective, mobile search options need a certain degree of understanding. Smart applications will understand what some people are talking about and typing, and then translate based on an in-depth understanding of the customer's intentions. Such results will show the correct answer, or greatly reduce the menu option settings

in today's crowded market, companies are trying to distinguish themselves from their competitors. In many cases, the competitive field involves products, services and pricing plans. More and more customer service is becoming the main driving force of enterprises, providing unique and effective customer experience to gain competitive advantage. Smart devices have changed the way consumers and companies actually communicate with each other. Companies that recognize this change and establish customer service strategies and tools will have a real opportunity to use these connected devices to affect their bottom line, retain and develop their own customer base

through real-time communication with customers, the company establishes customer loyalty, which will retain customers' choice to stay in the company. The service awareness they adopt, the products they buy, and the amount they spend will increase ideally

calls previously handled by call center agents directly access information through consumers, and use troubleshooting tools and diagnostics. This will also help reduce costs

through smart applications to keep information updated and consistent, customers receive the same answer from all channels. This enables in-depth understanding of customer relationships (types of products and services they use, current location, past usage habits, payment, preferences), and provides customized and personalized experiences

in today's business environment, it is more necessary to maintain competitiveness. Innovative smart devices are rapidly entering the market, and consumers are looking for them as the main communication hub for all their services. Blind loyalty is impossible, because customers know they have choices and like to do business with companies that improve the user experience and meet their needs wherever and whenever. As smart devices - tablet computers, smart and others - are widely used, suppliers provide them with rich service functions on the way, and the call center will become a secondary communication mode and will no longer be the first choice of consumers

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