The hottest smart grid faces two challenges

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Smart electricity faces two major challenges

according to an expert group at the Embedded Systems Conference (ESC), smart electricity faces many difficulties, including ensuring the safety of communication devices to understanding consumer behavior

there are still many problems to be solved. George Arnold, the National Coordinator of smart electricity standards led by the National Institute of standards and Technology (NIST), said

there is one area in which we really need to make more efforts, that is, dealing with electromagnetic related problems. For example, the so-called suitcase nuclear bombs or solar storms Arnold said. The military has a system to deal with electromagnetic pulse, but it is not practical, so we need better physical and electrical design to deal with these effects. He added

arnold and other confident engineers have no manual participation and pay attention to ensuring the safety of digitalization and networking in the future

safety of smart electricity

we have the best talents in the world to realize how to protect electricity. Arnold said, I think the problem is not to design products, but to use practice, which is the difference

design to ensure safety has become a new mantra of smart electrical engineers. Chris Knudsen said that he is responsible for the standards and architecture of PG e smart electrical. I am very confident that we have adopted the best practices, and we have done our best. Knudsen said

we have a laboratory, including a complete substation and a substation outside the corporate firewall. Knudsen said: we will use the results tested here for the experimental device. Therefore, with the passage of time, the scope of service will be expanded, and we will have greater confidence in the future

smart electricity will also promote the emergence of a series of new communication systems, which will not only be safe, but also suitable for harsh conditions and have a longer service life. Michael Fuller, manager of the business development department of Cisco Systems' new smart electricity department, said that if I want to deploy a router on a telegraph pole, I must pay a high cost to achieve it. It must be reliable

as for standards, NIST released a framework for smart electricity at the end of last year, but it is more an artist's first draft and engineering sketch. Of course, it is highly accurate. Arnold said

for example, there is still a lot of work in the industry, such as richer interfaces between renewable DC energy such as solar photovoltaic cells and inverters that turn them into alternating current for electricity, Knudsen said

at the same time, a committee responsible for power line standards for connecting consumer electronic devices to energy-efficient home networks is also making progress. The details of its latest standards are expected to be made public at the meeting in May, Arnold said

the device can quickly lay materials into the desired three-dimensional shape

consumer demand is still unclear

consumers are God. Katherine Hamilton, chairman of the gridwise alliance, a broad alliance that advocates smart electricity, said that we need to make better efforts to figure out how consumers can conduct torsional strength and fatigue experiments on welded top cap sandwich panels and the same rivets in production and structure, she said, It also pointed out that a special group should be set up to investigate the market

we also need to figure out how to calculate the investment and benefits over time, which is a little difficult, because we don't know how consumers will interact with electricity. Hamilton said

only the facilities whose economic benefits exceed the deployment cost can get the cost approval of the new system. The Knudsen table of PG e does not need water conversion. Before we launch these devices, we do not understand most of the problems, and we still need to learn a lot. He concluded

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