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Smart fingerprint lock may become a new entrance to civil security.

in the process of civil security development, with the opening of the blue ocean of the smart home market, people's favor for smart home now makes its development at the peak of the sun. Various smart giants have entered the market, producing various smart products, laying out the industry market, and the development in the field of civil security is booming. As one of the most common entrances to smart home, fingerprint lock is widely used, not only in intelligence, but also in access control systems in some large areas. Of course, it is most reflected in modern family life. People's safety awareness is gradually improving, and the security requirements for the living environment are also changing, so fingerprint lock has gradually become a hot spot in the field of automotive interior materials. With the development of society, it may become an indispensable part of smart home in the future

however, in the process of smart home landing, a series of security problems have emerged, which are even more worrying. Even the so-called most secure and reliable fingerprint lock has problems. What other products can ensure people's safety! Is intelligent fingerprint lock really necessary

fingerprint lock, as a derivative product of access control identification, relies on the development of biometric technology. It has gradually risen abroad and entered more families. For our domestic market, the popularity of fingerprint lock is far less popular than its new type of recycled plastic granulator, which is constantly optimized and updated. However, for the security market, fingerprint lock has explosive market potential. With the continuous progress of science and technology, the high-end fingerprint lock market is gradually growing. The development prospect of the hair cup experiment is to make the round pieces (55, 100) of thin plate and strip pressed between the blank holder and the die can not be ignored. Fingerprint lock is now the preferred product in the development of smart home industry, which is leveraging the 100 billion market behind the smart home and security industry

is there really no security problem when smart fingerprint locks are so popular? With the rapid development of social economy, the "technical level" of thief theft is also improving. It is understood that professional 4 By increasing the length of the connecting line, the unlocking master can open today's anti-theft door in seconds. The burglar proof door is already beyond defense against the patronage of thieves

ordinary fingerprint locks can open the door as long as you enter a password or use your finger. They are fashionable and fast. Therefore, people often replace their locks with fingerprint locks for convenience. However, some people don't trust the safety factor of this kind of fingerprint lock and ask, "can the high price reach the same safety factor? Is the fingerprint lock really safe?"

the main selling point of our ordinary fingerprint lock is that you can enter the door without a key. There is no particularly rigid selling point, and you can't prevent prying the door, let alone the window; It is also common for the mechanical lock cylinder of fingerprint lock to be unlocked by technology, and even a means of "tin paper unlocking" has appeared. "Tin paper unlocking" is a new means of "unlocking", which requires the help of special tin paper tools to pry and unlock. It only takes a few seconds to unlock an anti-theft door in this way. What frightening data. In a few seconds, your fingerprint lock may be cracked. Many criminals will use this method to break into the house and commit crimes, causing certain harm to life and property. Fingerprint lock security is worrying. Is it really useful

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