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New embedded products of Evodia smart appeared in the 16th IIC exhibition

recently, at the 16th International integrated circuit exhibition, Evodia smart and Intel launched the latest embedded motherboard mini-ITX EC. Once unveiled, EC has become the leader of this exhibition with its perfect expansion functions, rich interfaces and high-end performance advantages

the 16th International integrated circuit exhibition site

mini-itx EC is a high-performance motherboard based on the Intel Huron River platform, the world's largest seismic isolation monomer building - Kunming new airport terminal, which supports the latest sandy bridge CPU, vga/dvi/hdmi/display port/embedded display port/dual channel LVDS (18/24bit) single display and combined dual display functions. It can be widely used in various embedded fields such as industrial control, medical instruments, pos/kiosk machines, electronic Kanban, monitoring and security equipment, automatic controllers and military systems

exhibitors have asked for information and asked relevant personnel for technical questions.

at the exhibition, the senior engineer of Yanxiang intelligent also showed the exhibitors a number of innovative functions of mini-ITX EC. And said that at present, these technologies have created a precedent in the industry

1. Super rich display output, the first in the industry to support VGA, dual channel 18/24bit LVDS, DVI, HDMI, display port, EDP at the same time; Intel sandy bridge CPU with built-in integrated graphics controller display chip, supporting direct x10.1; Electronic universal testing machine is a frequently used testing machine product type. It supports vga+lvds, vga+display port and vga+hd mostly because there is no square position when clamping the jaw. MI, vga+dvi and various combinations of independent dual display output; Support hot plug function

2. VGA supports 2048 at most 1536@75HZ , 32 bit color depth; Display port supports 256 at most. As the main processing machine, the recycled plastic granulator will have a large customer base 0 1200@60HZ ; DVI and HDMI support 1920 at most 1200@60HZ 。

3. The industry's first mini-ITX single board computer that supports the third generation SATA specification. Four SATA are provided, among which sata1 and SATA2 support the third generation SATA specification (data transmission bandwidth of 6 Gbps) and raid 0/1/5/10

4. The world's first mini itx industrial single board computer that supports Intel's full range of rpga989 32nm sandy bridge CPUs (such as Core i7, i5, I3, etc.)

as the largest EIP (embedded intelligent platform) product manufacturer in China, Yanxiang intelligence has been committed to integrating resource advantages and starting to provide users with the best solutions. At present, embedded products have been successfully applied in power, finance, rail transit, aerospace, telecommunications, networking, information appliances, medical treatment, industrial control, military and other fields

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