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Guangdong electric intelligent customer service unveiled at the 6th World interconnection conference

recently, the 6th World interconnection Conference opened in Wuzhen, Zhejiang Province. The intelligent customer service center of Guangdong Electric Corporation made its debut at the light of the Internet Expo, demonstrating the successful application of artificial intelligence in the customer service industry to guests from all over the world

it is reported that the application of intelligent customer service in the customer service center of Guangdong electric power company started in 2017. It took the lead in creating an intelligent customer service system in the national energy industry, realizing voice translation, natural language and other artificial intelligence functions such as voice understanding and speech synthesis under the same dimensional tolerance, and has launched artificial intelligence applications such as intelligent knowledge base, text robot, intelligent quality inspection and voice robot. Users also won the best 3D printing material development award at the 2015 3D printing Europe exhibition held in Berlin through 95598, hall and refil. After entering the customer appeal entrance through channels such as 95598, hall and refil, text robots and voice robots can directly accept business; As the brain of customer service, intelligent knowledge base can provide service support to 95598 customer service representatives and robots; Intelligent quality inspection can carry out customer service quality inspection and Analysis on 95598 customer service representatives to achieve closed-loop control of demands in 2012

at present, through continuous optimization and iteration, the application effect of intelligent customer service in the company's customer service center is remarkable: Based on the intelligent knowledge base, 1.2 million words of answering skills have been formed; Achieve 100% quality inspection of manual Mandarin customer service; Intelligent robots provide all-weather and all-channel intelligent services to 34million customers in Guangdong Province, with an average of more than 70000 customers per month

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