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The technical standard system for smart power construction planning may be issued at the end of the year. Editor's note: Recently, smart power has once again become the "protagonist" at the 2009 mid year working conference of the State Grid Corporation of China. This meeting will refine the construction plan of smart electricity. Compared with the concept of "strong smart electricity" proposed in May this year, this meeting adds the concept of "unity"

analysts believe that the refinement of the concept to a certain extent emphasizes the importance of the unification of technical standards. According to insiders of State Grid, a preliminary plan for smart electricity technology standards is planned to be put forward by the end of this year, and the specific time of its introduction may also be postponed to 2010; Another possibility is that China and the United States will jointly formulate an international smart electricity technology standard

China Securities News exclusively learned that relevant experts from the Chinese Academy of electric power sciences are reporting to the smart electricity work department and the Ministry of science and technology under the State Grid on the smart electricity technology standard system, and the construction of the technical standard system is in order

unify the concept of smart electricity

China Securities Journal found that after the announcement of the preliminary construction plan of smart electricity by State Grid in May this year, many equipment manufacturers did not have a clear understanding of the concept of smart electricity, many companies were preparing for smart electricity research and development according to their own understanding, and State Grid did not have unified guidance. In this regard, Guodian clarified the concept of smart electricity again at this meeting

Liu Zhenya proposed that the unified strong intelligent electricity proposed by state power is a national electricity with the characteristics of informatization, automation and interaction, which takes unified planning, unified standards and unified construction as the principle, takes UHV electricity as the backbone, and the coordinated development of electricity at all levels

it is understood that unified smart power includes "Sanhua" (North China ~ central China ~ East China) synchronous power, northwest and Northeast power, covering all voltage levels. It is organically composed of power generation, transmission, transformation, distribution, power consumption, dispatching and other links. It is a strong, reliable, cost-effective, clean, environmental friendly, transparent, open and friendly interactive power. Among them, "unity" is the premise, "firmness" is the foundation, "intelligence" is the key. The high integration of unity, strong frame and intelligent movement determines the future development direction of national power

close to clean energy

this conference will closely integrate the construction of unified and strong smart electricity with the development of clean energy. At the meeting, it was proposed to accelerate the demonstration project of wind and light storage integration, and formulate relevant standards and regulations for wind and solar power generation as soon as possible. We should actively promote the establishment of a new mechanism for the unified planning and approval of electricity and clean energy, and the coordinated development of 116 cast iron manhole covers, and strive to make the company's relevant technical standards of ABS and other materials become national standards

the State Grid predicts that the installed capacity of wind power in China will reach 35million kW and 150million kW in 2010 and 2020 respectively; The installed capacity of solar power generation reached 1million kW and 200 resolution of 300000 yards, respectively; The installed capacity of nuclear power reached 10.5 million KW and 86 million KW respectively. By 2020, the installed capacity of wind power, solar power and nuclear power will account for about 16% of the total installed capacity

what deserves the attention of power equipment manufacturers is that the meeting also clarified the management mode of smart electricity related equipment. First of all, implement the unified management of the whole process of equipment from bidding, supervision, overhaul, technical transformation to scrapping, strengthen the asset intensive control of cross department and cross specialty, and realize the efficient and low-cost use of electrical equipment. Second, we should promote professional overhaul and maintenance, establish a cross regional professional overhaul and maintenance team according to the requirements of collectivization, implement the unified storage, distribution and use of spare parts, optimize the allocation of technical forces and equipment materials, improve the efficiency of overhaul and maintenance, and strengthen the professional skills training of UHV operation and maintenance personnel. Third, implement condition based maintenance of equipment, which will be fully implemented in the company from next year. Fourth, we should improve the intelligent level of equipment, promote the application of intelligent equipment and technology, and realize electric safety early warning and intelligent monitoring of equipment

it is expected that the construction is difficult

at this meeting, although the provincial power companies have stated that they will vigorously prepare for the future construction of smart electricity, and the construction of smart electricity presents an image of "unity of purpose", but it is rare that this meeting made a more rational expectation and analysis of the construction process of smart electricity

relevant people of national household appliances believe that smart power consumption is long-term and expensive, which is not negligible for national electricity

according to relevant sources of national household appliances, the accuracy and seriousness of the smart electricity construction plan need to be further strengthened, otherwise the plan will be difficult to be effectively implemented. However, at present, the accuracy of power planning is obviously not enough, and the connection between annual plan and planning is also not enough, especially in some areas, due to external factors, there is still great randomness in unplanned projects and investment arrangements

in addition, the current development status of electricity and technical barriers may also make the future development of smart electricity "neck". It is understood that the lagging situation of power development has not been fundamentally reversed, and the problems of "weak at both ends" of backbone frame and power distribution are still prominent. Accelerating power development will be a long-term task

a person close to Guodian said that the government should ultimately promote smart electricity. If it is only promoted by enterprises, there are great limitations. At present, the State Grid Corporation of China is optimistic about the Chinese government's policy support for smart electricity, and it is expected that the Chinese government's policy promotion for smart electricity will take a high attitude

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