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Functional corrugated board: new profit growth point of enterprises

in order to meet the personalized needs of product packaging and increase the added value of corrugated box products, more and more corrugated box enterprises began to develop functional corrugated board with fresh-keeping, waterproof, rust proof, antistatic, insect proof and other functions based on the original corrugated box according to the logistics conditions and characteristics of products, becoming a new profit growth point of corrugated box enterprises

fresh-keeping corrugated board

fresh-keeping corrugated board is mainly used for the packaging of vegetables, fruits or flowers. This kind of corrugated box mainly has the functions of fresh-keeping, moisture-proof and cold insulation

the way to keep fruits, vegetables or flowers fresh is to reduce water loss, inhibit biological respiration and bacterial growth, and remove ethylene gas that promotes their aging and maturation

moisture proof and fresh-keeping corrugated paperboard

vegetables, fruits or flowers with obvious respiration and evaporation after harvest, such as eggplant and cucumber, will lose luster, wither and reduce the value of the product if appropriate packaging methods are not used

moisture proof fresh-keeping tiles can show N-t and J-T curves. Corrugated board refers to the special surface processing agent coated on the surface of carton paper, which can inhibit the respiration or water evaporation of such vegetables, fruits or flowers. It can be recycled. It can keep fresh without using corrugated boxes or plastic bags with films that are difficult to recycle, and it can also be used for moisture-proof packaging of products that must be moisture-proof

cold preservation and fresh-keeping corrugated board

cold preservation and fresh-keeping corrugated board is mainly used for the fresh-keeping of vegetables and fruits, the cold preservation and transportation of aquatic products, meat products, alcohol and other products that must be cold preservation and moisture-proof

cold preservation and fresh-keeping corrugated board is coated with special cold preservation coating on the surface of the lining paper. It has both cold preservation and moisture retention or sealing, and has a high fresh-keeping effect. It can be recycled and reused as the general corrugated box

fresh keeping corrugated board is a fresh-keeping package composed of fresh-keeping agents that adapt to the physiological characteristics of vegetables and fruits and special films or special corrugated boxes. By removing ethylene gas and adjusting the composition of gas, it can maintain the color, luster and freshness of vegetables and fruits and prevent wilting and peculiar smell. It is mainly used for vegetables and fruits that are difficult to maintain freshness or need long-term preservation, as well as fresh vegetables and fruits that are difficult to transport over long distances

commonly used preservatives are:

super fresh-keeping package eg (sgp-eg) (mainly used for vegetables containing more B carotene), and gas regulators that control gas components are placed in cartons (to prevent deterioration due to insufficient oxygen)

fresh keeping packaging (GP) (mainly used for fruits), adsorption and removal of ethylene and other gases produced by vegetables and fruits

the combination of sealing effect and adsorbent effect can maintain the freshness of vegetables and fruits. At the same time, if it is used together with precooling, cold preservation, refrigeration, etc., it can achieve better results

waterproof corrugated paperboard

in a high humidity environment, the moisture content of the product packaging or the product itself is too high. If ordinary corrugated cartons are used, the compressive strength of the cartons will be reduced. In order to increase by 5% compared with the same period last year; The export amount reached 69.803 billion yuan to meet the use requirements of customers. Different methods can be used to improve the waterproof performance of corrugated board and produce waterproof corrugated board, mainly including hydrophobic corrugated board, waterproof corrugated board and water-resistant corrugated board

hydrophobic corrugated board

also known as water repellent corrugated board. When being drenched by water in a short time, the processed corrugated board surface will splash water droplets to prevent water from penetrating into the corrugated board

hydrophobic corrugated board is suitable for packaging dry powder goods, especially powder materials that are easy to agglomerate after absorbing water; It is also applicable to goods that are often packed in and out of the cold storage. After being taken out of the cold storage, it is easy to condense on the box wall. Ordinary corrugated board will quickly absorb and reduce the compressive strength, causing the carton to collapse due to the stacking pressure. After hydrophobic processing, the paperboard will not significantly reduce the compressive strength before dew evaporation, and can effectively protect the contents

the processing method of hydrophobic corrugated board is generally coating, and the commonly used coatings include paraffin, silicone, varnish and other hydrophobic agents. Gloss oil has low viscosity and good permeability, but too much penetration into the interior of the paper will reduce the hydrophobic effect. Therefore, it is best to brush a layer of starch slurry on the surface of the paperboard before applying varnish, and then apply varnish after drying to form a film. The effect is better. In addition, adding an appropriate amount of water-resistant additives to the coating, such as urea formaldehyde resin, melamine formaldehyde resin, polyvinyl butyral, etc., can improve the water resistance of the coating. During processing, the waterproof coating can be directly coated on the surface of corrugated board, and paraffin can also be coated on both surfaces of corrugated board during the production process of changing the experimental machine and electro-hydraulic proportion, electro-hydraulic servo experimental machine. The corrugated core paper is coated by spray, so that corrugated board with high hydrophobic performance can be obtained

water blocking corrugated board

also known as water blocking corrugated board. Its surface is almost impervious to water after contacting with water for a long time, but it cannot be immersed in water, otherwise it will lose its waterproof performance

waterproof corrugated board is mostly used for packaging salted products, frozen food and fruit and vegetable products. Due to the soft paraffin layer on the surface of corrugated board, it is also suitable for packaging high finish furniture, piano, safe and precision machines that are easy to scratch

curtain coating method is commonly used for waterproof corrugated board, that is, the molten synthetic resin or paraffin mixture flows down from the hopper mouth into a film and is coated on the horizontally running corrugated board. A layer of resin film or wax film is formed on the surface of the paperboard surface or inner paper, which has good water retaining performance, so as to obtain single-sided or double-sided waterproof performance

water resistant corrugated board

corrugated board whose strength does not decrease significantly after being soaked in water for a long time is called water resistant corrugated board, and its processing principle is similar to IMPREGNATION processing

water resistant corrugated boxes are mainly used for shipping live fish, seafood and products with extremely high water content. Its water resistance can be measured by instruments. The so-called water resistance is to immerse the water-resistant corrugated board 30mm in the water, soak it for 1 hour, and then test its burst resistance and edge compression strength. The residual strength is required to be no less than 75% of the standard strength (before soaking)

comparison of carton compressive strength between waterproof corrugated board and general corrugated board:

comparison of physical properties between water-resistant corrugated board and wax soaked corrugated board:

rust proof, conductive corrugated board

for mechanical, electronic parts and metal products, products are often poor due to rust, discoloration and electrification, which requires careful packaging to ensure product quality

anti rust and conductive corrugated board is mainly used for industrial products with high quality and precision requirements, including steel plate, galvanized steel plate and other automotive parts, electronic parts and other precision parts with silver contacts, as well as products vulnerable to static electricity

anti rust and conductive corrugated board includes anti-oxidation corrugated board, anti rust corrugated board and anti-static corrugated board

antioxidant corrugated board

because silver products and copper products are easy to rust and change color, it was difficult to preserve and transport these products in the past. Oxidation resistant corrugated board is to remove the "sulfuration" gas that makes silver and copper rusty and discolored inside the packaging box by coating special agents on the box board paper. Cast hydrogen can be used for shafts with complex shapes (such as camshaft and crankshaft) to prevent rusting

antioxidant corrugated board is mainly used for the packaging of electronic products, terminals containing silver contacts, switches, etc., to prevent rust, for the packaging of silver clothing supplies, etc., and for the storage of chemicals that produce rotten odor, such as methyl mercaptan and ammonia

antirust corrugated paperboard

a kind of antirust corrugated paperboard that prevents rust by vaporizing the agent coated on the carton paper and forming a protective film on the surface of the metal. For most metals other than iron, such as zinc, copper and other non-ferrous metals, it will have a significant effect and maintain the long-term effect

anti rust corrugated board is mainly used for the packaging of metal materials such as copper and copper alloys, auto parts, mechanical parts, parts for the electronic industry, as well as steel plates and galvanized steel plates

anti static corrugated paperboard

a small amount of static electricity hidden in packaging materials will have a negative impact on electronic components, integrated circuits and other precision electronic products, so anti-static is very important. Anti static corrugated board can be made by coating carbon powder on the surface of corrugated board, laminating aluminum foil, and adding metal fiber or carbon fiber in the production process of carton board

as black corrugated board is a kind of conductive corrugated board without static electricity. It is coated with conductive paint on the surface of corrugated board to prevent static electricity

insect proof corrugated board

insect proof corrugated board is mainly used to prevent grain pests, clothing pests, ants and other pests from invading the interior of corrugated boxes. The ink or polish mixed with special agents is applied on the corrugated board to avoid and prevent the invasion of pests. The agents that play the role of avoiding pests require high safety and can be recycled

comparison of pest control effect:

test method: first, prepare bait in the carton made of cardboard paper that has been treated with pest control, then release grain pests, and count the number of pests invading the carton

test conditions: indoor temperature 26 ℃ ~ 27 ℃

test environment: dark room

grain pests: larvae

source: China Packaging News

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