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Super long mileage! Yuchai guoliu machine special oil new product release

extra long mileage needs to be removed and cleaned at this time! Yuchai guoliu machine special oil new product release

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on August 29, the new product launch of yuchaima oil lubricant Humvee brand national six engine oil was grandly held in Beihai. The two new Humvee brand national six engine oils released this time are applicable to all kinds of vehicles equipped with national six emission standard diesel engines, and are committed to providing excellent lubrication protection

new product show of national six engine oil

yuchaima oil lubricants has always adhered to the concept of customer first, continuously increased investment in product upgrading and new product development, and is committed to providing customers with comprehensive and professional lubrication protection

grasp the extraordinary moment to promote aluminum alloy trunk and key aluminum materials for aircraft, and moisten the green future. From Humvee brand diesel engine oil national second product to national sixth product, from 20000 oil change mileage to 150000 oil change mileage, yuchaima oil lubricant is constantly innovating and leading the industry

yuchaima petroleum lubricant co founded the friction and lubrication Institute with Yuchai high efficiency and environmental protection internal combustion engine National Engineering Laboratory, which opened the "machine oil integration" research and development technology mode, realized the synchronization of engine development and engine oil research and development, and laid a solid foundation for the continuous upgrading of high adaptability engine oil products

it is reported that yuchaima petroleum lubricant is about to launch Humvee country VI K10 engine oil (API ck-4). Due to the new design and the thinning of packaging wall thickness, we will continue to enrich Humvee country VI series product line and continue to meet users' comprehensive lubrication needs

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