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Liugong forklift C series new products made an amazing debut

on March 29, the new generation of Liugong forklift C series product conference was held in Liuzhou production base. C series forklift is positioned in the global medium and high-end market, integrating high performance and intelligence, and providing users with efficient and comfortable logistics handling equipment

The press conference of the new generation c series products of Liugong forklift was held in Liuzhou production base. Zhang Jie, Secretary General of the industrial vehicle branch of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, Huang Haibo, President of the joint stock company, Wang Taiping, vice president, Wenwu and representatives of dealers, suppliers and media from all over the country witnessed this exciting moment

c series forklift truck is a classic work built by Liugong based on years of technical experience and in-depth cooperation between international and local R & D teams for four years. At the beginning of the design of C series forklift truck, its stability, comfort and intelligence were mainly considered. Liugong C series forklifts embody the "ultimate energy efficiency, enjoy your heart", and the main features are summarized as "4C": clever (Intelligence), comfort (comfort), celerity (efficiency), careless (worry free). C series forklift truck has all the elements required by modern forklift trucks: it adopts EFI engine with ECU diagnosis, can bus circuit control and intelligent LCD instrument. It can choose three engine modes of economy, standard and high efficiency. It can set the start password, limit the running speed, OPS sensing operation and obtain fault codes, etc., giving customers a more relaxed, safe and comfortable operation experience

Wang Taiping said that Liuzhou forklift will reshape the industry image with differentiated development thinking and resolutely resist forklift enterprises' blind pursuit of quantity and vicious price competition. In the future, Liugong forklift truck will rely on the group's resource advantages, integrate big data resources through the integration of intelligent and automation technologies, continue to increase effective investment, and continue to innovate and develop, leading the industry from follow-up development to the transformation of domestic auto manufacturers including Great Wall Motors, Chang'an motors (Weibo), Chery Automobile, SAIC automobile group, etc., which are also self-developed, Create enterprise products with advanced technology and management, but the specific details are still under discussion

Huang Haibo said that Liugong insists on using technological innovation to expand the development space, and there is nothing to hide in the new advanced technology to directly measure the radius and strain. The most intuitive embodiment of the c-series forklift is intelligence. At present, the products can carry out self-health diagnosis, make an appointment for maintenance, and eliminate human error operation. In the future, Liugong will expand the value chain of the post product market in the fields of driverless and intelligent fleet management, Provide customers with comprehensive solutions

Zhang Jie congratulated Liugong on the release of C series products. Zhang Jie said that China has become the world's largest market for industrial vehicles for seven consecutive years, and domestic forklift brands should occupy a dominant position in the market. However, domestic brands have been in a state of large but not strong. As the pacesetter of China's construction machinery industry, Liugong association has always had great confidence in the development of Liugong. It hopes that after the listing of Liugong C series forklifts, Liugong can achieve excellent results in domestic and foreign markets, and open up a Xintiandi for Liugong, the industry and Chinese national brands on the world industrial vehicle stage

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