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New products of WOPA four fulcrum electric forklift appear

Guide: in the development of logistics and engineering, forklifts are used more and more widely, and the overall prospect of China's forklift industry is optimistic. At the same time, the competition in the forklift market is intensifying day by day, and foreign-funded enterprises have occupied the high-end market and began to attack the middle and low-end market. In the face of development opportunities and fierce competition, forklift products must

in the development of logistics and engineering, forklifts are used more and more widely. The molding cycle of injection molding in China's forklift industry is short (a few seconds to a few minutes) and optimistic. At the same time, the competition in the forklift market is intensifying. Foreign funded enterprises have occupied the high-end market and began to shift to the middle and low-end market. In the face of development opportunities and fierce competition, forklift products must seek new ways of development, in addition to energy conservation and environmental protection, Safety, comfort and intelligence should also be paid special attention to

recently, WOPA (Shanghai) launched a new forklift product - four pivot electric forklift, which has a loading capacity of 3.5 tons. This forklift effectively complements the electric forklift previously launched by WOPA, making the company's product series more complete and rich. In this forklift, the lifting height reaches 3 meters, and the chassis of the forklift is narrow, which shortens the turning radius of the vehicle

this electric forklift uses the latest generation of environment-friendly three-phase AC technology, which has high operation efficiency, low fuel consumption, high operation efficiency and environmental protection. According to the statistics of the minimum fuel consumption cycle (VDI), the energy consumption of this series of new vehicles is reduced by 14% compared with the forklifts launched before. "The new series of forklifts maintain high performance and efficiency, and also have excellent energy conservation advantages," said the director of WOPA electric forklift products and product management department. "We call it 'energy advantage'."

an 80 volt battery is used on WOPA's new forklift. According to the needs, the operator can replace the battery through a simple lateral battery replacement system, ensuring the rapidity and safety of the whole process. The WOPA forklift is equipped with a special battery fixing device. This device combines the concept that the battery of WOPA forklift is basically indistinguishable from the plastic products based on oil in appearance, and provides a standard replacement system for WOPA electric forklift, which is applicable to all 48 volt and 80 volt batteries of WOPA manual pallet trucks. Due to the use of this simple and flexible battery replacement device, the forklift has achieved great energy savings and made another successful breakthrough in technology

WOPA equipped the forklift with a slow speed when opening the oil return valve, energy efficiency, driving/lifting strengthening device. Therefore, the vehicle has realized a variety of different configuration methods to ensure a higher output. By using this new device, the forklift can accurately adjust its performance and configuration according to the specific requirements of each different customer

in addition, WOPA new series electric forklift has further adjusted and improved the ergonomic design of the vehicle. The vehicle uses a more flexible steering column. The operator can adjust the height and inclination of the steering column through a one button adjuster. The whole process is simpler. Armrests are installed on the seats to further improve the operating comfort. The height and length of the seat can also be adjusted to a greater extent. The main operating devices and functional devices on the vehicle can be switched faster according to the body conditions of different operators, ensuring simplicity, ease of use and other characteristics

this forklift can be optionally equipped with a split handle or a multi-function handle on the handrail for different operating environments. The cab has a wide space and flat floor, without any protrusions and obstacles, providing an extremely safe working environment for the operator. The cab is well-designed and sophisticated, and various settings are within the reach of the operator. According to the characteristics and needs of operators and storage rooms, vehicles can be standardized. The cab window is larger and the roof guard structure is smaller, ensuring that the driver has a better vision

WOPA new series forklifts are equipped with multiple modular auxiliary systems. These auxiliary systems will help operators use forklift products more safely and efficiently. For example, in the switch control system, the operator can only start the forklift after completing a series of body self inspections - turning off the seat switch and fastening the safety belt. WOPA's electric forklifts all use the curve deceleration control technology, which has been successfully used in the market for many years. The driving drive used in the new car is enhanced, which is developed on the basis of the curve control system, realizing the further improvement of technology. When the vehicle enters the curve from the straight road to decelerate, the driving speed will be limited under the specified lifting height. The lifting of the forklift ensures the safety of the loading and handling process, and the tilting speed of the vehicle will also be limited under a specific lifting height. According to the operation requirements, the operator can use an integral Sideshifter in the center of the vehicle in advance, and configure an appropriate gantry tilt system to further ensure the safety of the vehicle

about WOPA, a leading group company in the world, was jointly founded by Friedrich and Conrad in 1860. The headquarters of the group is located in Zurich, the largest city in Switzerland. WOPA industrial group has businesses in more than 120 countries and regions around the world, with nearly 10000 employees

Zurich (German: Z ü RI) is the largest city in the Swiss Confederation and the capital of Zurich. Zurich is the main commercial and cultural center of Switzerland. Zurich is a representative city of Swiss banking industry and one of the world financial centers. UBS, Credit Suisse and many private banks will be headquartered in Zurich. The headquarters of the International Football Federation is also located in Zurich. Zurich is also the birthplace of Dadaism, which appeared in 1916. According to the survey, Zurich ranks first in the world in the selection of the world's best residential city. The name of "Zurich" may come from "turus" in Celtic. A powerful evidence is that the Romanized form of the ancient city name "turicum" was found on the unearthed epitaph of the Roman Empire in the 2nd century A.D

WOPA promises to provide customers with satisfactory services with professional products and technologies

WOPA's competitive strategy: create satisfactory benefits for customers with high-end technology and products with excellent performance, combined with perfect pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services

WOPA (Shanghai) can make great breakthroughs in the conductivity and charging speed of graphene batteries by continuously introducing the latest products from Europe and the United States to meet domestic demand. Its technical content, performance and operability are in an absolute leading position in China. WOPA's development idea is to rely on high-tech products to occupy the market and participate in competition through performance and technical content. WOPA company has won the affirmation of customers in various industries with high-quality products and good corporate reputation

electric forklift is an important weapon of modern logistics. The more developed regions, busy workshops and warehouses, the more electric forklifts are needed. The value of electric forklift lies in the obvious improvement of logistics efficiency, the substantial reduction of labor costs, the more intelligent warehouse management and the improvement of customer service level

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