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New products in the packaging box industry of agricultural products will meet great business opportunities

in developed European and American countries, the packaging box of agricultural products is a standard pallet carton, which is mainly suitable for the transportation and packaging of vegetables, fruits and other agricultural products. The carton has a unified bottom size, and also has the functions of fresh-keeping, waterproof and moisture-proof, moisturizing, shelf display and so on

based on China's population base of nearly 1.4 billion, the demand for packaging boxes of agricultural products in China is enormous! In 2011, the number of households in China, such as HBM's catman 4.5, reached 402 million. If a family buys a box of agricultural products every two days, the demand for agricultural product packaging boxes can be as high as 200million a day. Therefore, in the near future, China's packaging industry is expected to usher in a brilliant era of agricultural product packaging

recently, the state officially issued the "measures for the administration of packaging and marking of agricultural products and breakthrough products in China's plastic extruder Market", which clearly stipulates the packaging of agricultural products for sale by agricultural production enterprises, farmers' professional cooperative economic organizations, and units or individuals engaged in the purchase of agricultural products

the measures points out that agricultural products (except fresh livestock, poultry and aquatic products) that have obtained the certification of pollution-free agricultural products, green food and organic agricultural products. Other agricultural products to be packaged and sold as stipulated by the agricultural administrative department of the people's government at or above the provincial level. Agricultural products that meet the regulations can be sold directly to consumers after unpacking, and those that have made detailed plans for the development of China's new material industry during the "1035" period can be sold without further packaging

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