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The fourth industrial revolution represented by cloud computing, big data, 5g and IOT applications has accelerated the digital transformation of all walks of life, and the interconnection, sharing and integration of multiple systems has become the general trend

facing the market demand of today's core browsing, azimuth communication has designed and developed a32i Android visual paging station, which adopts standard SIP protocol and has multiple functions. It can not only integrate communication resources and retain the advantages of emergency management, but also realize overall planning, up-down linkage command deployment and remote management. It can be widely used in educational institutions, shopping centers, building parks Management and control of public places at present, countries all over the world have carried out a comprehensive treatment of all kinds of waste plastic pollution, such as the center, so that the experimental mode and all experimental processes can be controlled according to people's will, and the overall situation can be easily controlled

integrated communication, flexible and open

a32i aims to be visible, accessible, fast and accurate. It integrates communication functions such as IP intercom, IP broadcast and access control, and truly realizes intercom, broadcast, management and meeting. Due to the adoption of standard SIP protocol, a32i can be compatible with major mainstream platforms and facilitate rapid integration; In addition, open API interface configuration enables customers to quickly customize applications according to their needs

fingertip vision, touch at will

a32i adopts a business style aesthetic design style, with smooth and elegant lines, black calm and wise, meeting the application needs of medium and high-end scenes. The simple and fashionable appearance design, equipped with color high-definition screen and humanized UI interface make the a32i become the face of the management center. The 10.1 inch HD touch screen has a wider range of viewing angles, allowing users to enjoy a smoother control experience

system optimization, powerful function

azimuth a32i adopts Android 9.0 operating system, which ensures the stable operation of product software and reduces operation and maintenance costs. At the same time, Android 9.0 System brings good compatibility and functional expansion, which makes it possible to access more systems and devices in the future

high definition quality, unlimited communication

in order to let users get a clearer audio-visual experience, a32i is equipped with high-definition sound quality handle, gooseneck microphone, Harman external speaker, and high-definition camera

in the talkback and shouting broadcast mode, the a32i supports HD sound quality, and users will get a better hearing experience; The music broadcasting mode supports high fidelity sound quality, with audio bandwidth of 22khz, sampling rate of 44.1KHz, high sound restoration and richer timbre; Gooseneck microphone configuration makes the pickup effect better

in addition, the a32i also supports wide dynamic 1080p HD video, which ensures good video effects in all kinds of bad scenes. Even in strong backlight or dark environments, the video picture also has excellent performance

dual video display, multi-directional access to information

a32i supports video decoding such as H.264, and has dual video display function. During video intercom, a32i displays the video of the on-site intercom terminal on one way, and the other way can be linked with the on-site IPC camera, which is convenient for the administrator to capture the pictures around the site in multiple directions and obtain more on-site information

a32i can also cooperate with azimuth and other SIP audio and video access control equipment to realize video call, video preview or monitoring, obtain the front picture of the visitor through the access control camera, observe whether someone is following through another camera, and judge through the video image to realize remote door opening

ptm mute handle, protect privacy

in addition, a32i also supports PTM mute handle access (optional). In occasions that need privacy (such as interrogation room, etc.), just press and hold the handle button to realize the mute function, which greatly protects the privacy of users

powerful functions and rich application scenarios

a32i built-in radio intercom system can realize self-organization with azimuth terminals, and realize the zoning or regional (timing, text, shouting) radio, intercom, conference, unattended, alarm linkage, IP camera video linkage and other multi-functional integration of application scenarios such as educational institutions, shopping centers, building parks, public places, etc., which can save investment and improve communication efficiency

in general, the azimuth a32i is a stylish Android visual large screen pager product, equipped with gooseneck microphone, which is open and powerful. It can meet the needs of small and medium-sized scene scheduling management, and enable enterprises to maximize the efficiency of daily business management and emergency handling capacity

make communication truly integrated and unified, and enable the digital transformation of various industries. Azimuth a32i Android visual pager will bring you a new experience

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