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Ppma Show 2006 - new products appear before the grand event

from September 26 to 28, 2006, ppma Show 2006 will make a grand debut in Birmingham, UK

in the past 19 years, ppma show has displayed all newly developed equipment, attracting a large number of famous manufacturers in the British industry to join in and visit. Every exhibition can see machines and technologies that are faster, more accurate and more efficient than before. To the greatest extent, the net profits of some manufacturers soared from 8% to more than 30%, meeting the needs of users and reducing costs

at present, 90% of the booths of the 2006 exhibition have been booked, and more than 500 exhibitors are expected to participate. They will show all kinds of machinery, from cartoning machines and filling machines to food, chemical and pharmaceutical processing equipment, from conveyor belts and back section equipment to labeling machines, weighing machines and flexible packaging machines. From fluid transport machinery to separation, filtration, thermal processing, refrigeration equipment, everything

as the only Chinese Cooperative media of ppma media machine update, we are honored to select the following five new products and technologies for you to briefly introduce

Pago company will exhibit the new pagomat 6/3 high-speed pressure-sensitive labeling machine at ppma exhibition

Pago company will exhibit the new high-speed pressure-sensitive labeling machine pagomat 6/3 at ppma exhibition. Pagomat 6/3 is equipped with an air pad between the label exhibition opening and the distribution opening to support a label buffer ring with variable length, which can ensure high-speed labeling without leakage risk. In this way, the labeling reel can keep smooth and continuous when opening the labels, and the labels can be pasted separately to the appropriate product positions with intermittent movement, which can produce a very fast label distribution speed

the new sticker head operates at a speed of 120 meters per minute, and then uses a servo motor as the main drive. The acceleration time of this motor when starting is short, but it can ensure high-speed accuracy

Pagomat 6/3 is a widely applicable and economical labeling machine, which can be customized according to customer requirements, no matter on the front, back or ring of the container. Our strategy is to surround the container in the target market that has strict requirements on product specifications and performance. There are two options: single sticker head and double sticker head

domino (UK) launched a new inkjet printing and coding solution

the new products displayed by domino reflect the close cooperation between the company and customers to provide complete coding solutions suitable for their special requirements. This new solution is the company's most advanced inkjet printing solution, including a new spare parts package and service products. Many benefits specifically designed for users include huge database links, an open interface, and enhanced software performance. This new solution will help users flexibly choose customized packaging to meet today's complex production environment

with the theme of "traceability and product safety solutions", ppma Show 2006 will also provide a platform for the first time to further introduce domino company, including its is (system integration) software performance - it emphasizes the advantages of domino as a leading supplier of "tracking and query" intelligent coding control system

domino, as a leading multi-level two-dimensional barcode coding expert, will demonstrate for the first time that it can carry out debugging, maintenance, traceability and product safety solutions. It can mark two-dimensional barcode on each product. This technology can capture, move and read data by using continuous product tracking solutions

at the same time, visitors can also see a group of existing laser coding and inkjet printing technologies. Among them, Domino's famous laser series for engraving: s series and dsl1 laser coding machine will be displayed on chocolate boxes and plastic bottles at the exhibition site

the exhibition was launched less than a year ago according to Domino's high-resolution c-series large character inkjet printer, but domino will still show two remote-control C6000 inkjet heads, which can be connected to the midjet series inkjet produced by alpha dot company (a member of domino group) and code on the right and left of the box. C series barcode can be confirmed by domino barcode confirmation system

the mechanical property inspection items of Needham group plastics are relatively simple. 1 the coding system department launched the latest laser coding machine, Macsa k-1000

Needham group coding system department is the British dealer of citronix CIJ printer and Macsa laser coding system. It will show the relevant technologies of printing date, batch date and batch code on products at this exhibition

the Macsa k-1000 laser code printer series is easy to operate, easy to install and operate, smaller and more compact in structure, and faster. The most important thing is that the Macsa k-1000 laser code printer is the most competitive laser system at the current price

in addition to competitive prices, K series is also quite characteristic and functional. There are 10W, 30W and 60W power specifications, including Macsa's unique crystal font, full graphics, Ethernet Remote control, and compliance with 21 cfr/11 medical standards. Macsa k-1000 series is the latest laser code printer

packaging Automation Ltd launched FastFill 100

Thermo Electron metal detection, weighing and X-ray equipment, the top product in its series of filling machines.

Thermo Electron will display advanced proxtm and ezxtm X-ray detection equipment, Ramsey Teorema and GP series weighing machines, Ramsey bulk weighing machine and spectrum quadtm component analyzer at the exhibition

the seventh generation proxtm recently launched by Thermo Electron is an excellent X-ray detection system, which can detect the metal, glass, stone, bone, plastic and other dense dirt contained in the package. This machine has compact structure and flexible design, and can be connected to the production line quickly and conveniently. It can also provide excellent X-ray sensing performance and advanced image analysis software

ezxtm is an X-ray detection system. It is a metal detector with very simple operation, but it can achieve advanced detection technology and high sensitivity. It is specially developed for metal detection users

at the same time, thermoelectric GP weighing machine is also on display, including two latest addition devices, which are specially designed for the fields of food and medicine. The target customers of gp-275 are food packaging companies, which are very accurate, stable and reliable. The width of the detection belt can be expanded to 275mm. In addition, GP Pharma combines thermoelectric's ordinary weight checker with the top-level ac9rx mode. It can handle the small and light packaging loved by the pharmaceutical industry at a high speed

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