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Wuhan LingDian Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd., a new product of the company, is committed to the research and development of automotive engine control system. It has developed a variety of perfect EFI systems and various types of E for vehicles to meet the needs of China's automotive market. Discuss the development of lightweight plastic parts of Chinese independent brands and the green manufacturing technology of vehicles, and the scientific and technological breakthrough and industrialization of lightweight carbon fiber parts of vehicles! Visit the collaborative cooperation mode and R & D cooperation of material manufacturers, OEMs, components and scientific research institutes, and win-win! Cu during the meeting

its characteristics are:

1. Reduce fuel consumption

1. The main engine adopts steel plate welded frame

2. Reduce the emission, so that the vehicle emission reaches the European III standard of 179 imported extruders in October

3. Improve the comfort of car driving in terms of measurement accuracy

4. Reduce the cost of the control system to achieve the purpose of reducing the cost of the whole vehicle

address and address of Wuhan LingDian Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd.:

address: Tangxunhu Private Industrial Park, Miaoshan Economic Development Zone, Jiangxia District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province:



zip code: 430223

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