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ISeries, a pure voice platform based on IP communication, has new capabilities

speakerbus carries out major software updates

speakerbus, a pioneer in the field of collaborative voice management and mission critical unified communication, announced today that its cross platform iSeries release software has new capabilities

the software released this time covers the imanager centralized management system and communication server, the special system for iturret traders and iSeries media, including new capabilities that can improve productivity and flexibility and benefit users

iturret has a revised graphical user interface called slateux. This new interface simplifies screen layout and icons, enhances visibility, and brings a common user interface to all speakerbus endpoints. In addition to the German option launched last year, iturret can now support the Japanese version

speakerbus has made great efforts to improve its media gateway ability, which can support larger-scale deployment and respond to customer needs. The trading network can be extended to thousands of private voice circuits located in multiple locations. Speakerbus also launched automated resource management capabilities in the software released this time to help support the transaction team to increase, change and review services, which does not require professional technical skills. The ig330 media gateway has also been upgraded and improved to support automatic failover of the standby gateway, so customers can create a self-healing communication infrastructure

enterprise management has also received the attention of speakerbus developers, so user permissions have been more finely controlled, which is conducive to the management. For example, the author once implemented 39 industrial energy-saving technologies, 119 industrial energy-saving equipment and 80 consumer household appliances "energy efficiency star" products company selected for Japan's ghost nukawa rubber and plastic products China Co., Ltd., a large number of voice users and automatic equipment firmware update technology, Ensure that all working software can run the correct version in the customer environment. Using the new pairing tool can reduce the workload of the imanager portal, while vmware tools can now be installed through the imanager communication server command line

iseries introduction

iseries is a pure voice platform based on IP communication, which can provide the functions required by global capital markets, brokers, fund management and commodity exchanges. ISeries has a series of voice endpoints and global management platforms, and has been certified, which can re operate with leading unified communication and compliance technology partners in terms of product development

speakerbus introduction

speakerbus Group PLC is a privately owned communication technology developer and product manufacturer, headquartered in the UK, and has offices in Europe, the United States and Asia for long-term operation precautions of pressure testing machines. The company is an innovative thought leader enterprise, which can help shape the development direction of voice collaboration among trading enterprises. Founded in 1984, speakerbus has been providing global highly available voice communication solutions for key tasks for the world's leading financial institutions for many years, and has established a good reputation

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