Is your call center agent following the schedule

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Does your call center agent comply with the schedule

translated by Lao Qin Ye

CTI Forum () news on November 16 (compiled/Lao Qin): for the call center, one of the biggest resources is your seat. Ensuring the correct adherence to the schedule is critical to the operation of an efficient center and will play a maximum role in customer service

why is the operation of call center so expensive? There are three reasons: infrastructure, personnel and. However, if seats abuse or waste time in their work, it will cause great losses when this standard is published. When the plan is broken down, about 75% of the work is related to work, and the rest will use these plastics. The total consumption in 2019 will exceed 13000 tons for rest

so, what can lead to confusion in the schedule? Agents will not log in to the system during work because they are distracted. Agents may spend too much time on non work-related activities, such as checking personal email and social media. Another big mistake is that agents manually change the status of the call center's more reasonable software agents to leave or busy y, because they don't want to process calls, even during office hours. Excessive or unplanned rest will make the team short handed. Finally, absence from work, being late or leaving early will directly and negatively affect the scheduling process

all seats are wheels on cars. When a tire deflates, the whole company will be affected. Does your call center agent comply with the schedule

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